Our Guarantee

Lace Guarantee 

We guarantee our laces for the life of your shoe. Since shoes can be repaired and restitched they can conceivability last forever or at least decades so we are not so naive as to think our laces will last forever. But we do believe that you will need to repair your shoes before you will need to replace your laces (they are strength tested to over 120pds) and that is our guarantee to you. 

If you need to replace your laces before you need to repair your shoes (ie replace the heel, get new soles etc...) then just send them back to us including a self addressed enveloped and we will send you a replacement pair.

Please send your laces with a self addressed envelope to:
Stolen Riches

355 Euclid Ave
Toronto, ON
M6J 2K1

*We always try to replace the lace with the same one however from time to time we do limited runs/special editions of colours and no longer have them in stock. In these instances we will replace the lace with a colour that matches as closely as possible the broken lace.